Vladimir Putin a stop to abortion advertising in Russia

Abortion advertising ban in Russia is good news

Russia introduces abortion advertising ban thanks to some good counsel given by Vladimir Putin

This is welcome news in a world in need of good tidings. Good Counsel Network in Ireland have learned today of Vladimir Putin’s desire to reduce abortions in Russia. Here is a president that is showing great courage & leadership. Here is a man who is willing to show the world, that abortion is not the answer. The Russian president is very concerned about the population collapse in his country. He has signed into law, a ban on abortion advertising, as well as termination restrictions on health insurance cover. This bucks the political trend the world over. Its a world away from Obamacare policies.

Vladimir Putin is too good to be true

For all of us at Good Counsel Network, these developments in Russia are most welcome. We can scarcely believe a good politician has risen so high up the ranks. Putin would make an excellent Good Counsel Network Volunteer for Russia. He is a fine example to Ireland’s prime minister on how to implement policy. The abortion advertising ban puts Obama’s healthcare to shame. Vladimir’s support for women facing pregnancy is commendable. The abortion advertising ban will help prevent a population collapse from birth control methods┬álike abortion. The worldly wise may see things differently, Putin to them is a flash in the pan. For men versed in prophecy, the president is a stumbling block. Putin is simply too good to be true.

Are you a Godly leader like Vladimir Putin?

Good Counsel Network are looking for more volunteers to lead our ministry in these times. Your willingness to support women in crisis pregnancy is a Godly act. You can help end the culture of death, and herald a culture of life in our world. Every little helps, and as a team, we can support women who might otherwise opt for an abortion. If everyone was doing what God willed them to do, the world would be on fire. Vladimir Putin is a testament to this, for today the hearts of Godly Russian’s must surely be on fire. Get yourself trained up as a crisis pregnancy counselor and set Ireland ablaze. Contact us for more details.

photo credit: Vvillamon via photopin cc