Abortion review panel are under governmental pressure

abortion review panel

James Reilly is head of the Department of Health which is spear heading the clinical guidelines for abortion in relation to suicidal ideation

Good Counsel Network have learned that an Irish abortion review panel is under pressure to deliver on clinical guidelines. The government are very keen to get the ball rolling on pregnancy termination. A body of voluntary doctors and others have already met 5 times since the inception of the abortion review panel. The department of health is adamant that clinical guidelines will be signed off early this year. The government have not disclosed the names of these “voluntary members” as a matter of strict confidence. The review panel are already behind schedule, which is no surprise. After all, who’d want to draw guidelines for taking innocent life?

Disengagement with the abortion review panel

Because the government have failed to deliver clear clinical guidelines, the Irish College of Psychiatry have opted out for now. Their members have been advised not to get involved with review panels in relation to assessing suicidal ideation in pregnant women. They have taken an ethical stance that is inadvertently helping to keep Ireland abortion free against government pressure. Good Counsel volunteers will no doubt welcome this development. The College of Psychiatry have highlighted the inadequacy of the Protection of life during pregnancy bill. The Irish abortion review panel will not be able to ignore their concerns. The government are finding out the hard way, you cannot ignore everybody all the time.

Some concerns of the College of Psychiatry

The College of Psychiatry have related some genuine concerns that Good Counsel Network naturally empathizes with. The College does not necessarily share our pro life stance, but they do have some virtuous characteristics. A perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Anthony McCarthy feels that there is no real solutions for crisis pregnant women. This is evident in that an alternative such as adoption does not feature in the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. The abortion review panel’s guidelines can also be overlooked, as the bill can be implemented without recourse to guidelines. Women & babies deserve better than this, and its obviously not just Good Counsel volunteers who believes so.

photo credit: Department of Health Ireland via photopin cc

Abortion & the UN Committee Against Torture

UN Committee Against Torture

The UN Committee Against Torture feel that the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is inadequate. They feel women should be given access to an abortion in Ireland

Good Counsel Network Ireland have reflected somewhat on the latest decry from the UN on abortion-less Ireland. The UN Committee Against Torture are requesting information from Ireland, about the short comings of the recent Irish abortion bill. What we are seeing now is the Committee Against Torture go head to head with the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. The UN Committee Against Torture are questioning whether adequate services for carrying out abortions exist in Ireland. The UN’s most prominent anti-torture “experts” believe the Irish Government must act to end the degrading treatment of women seeking an abortion in Ireland.

UN Committee Against Torture – Pro abortion? A touch ironic?

Just like the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, the UN Committee Against Torture seems filled with irony. Any Good Counsel Network Volunteer would suspect as much. Abortion is torture, both for the baby and the woman. A lot of women who go through with an abortion, often live with deep regrets. This carries over for years, as post abortion women go through life emotionally & mentally tortured. Crisis pregnancy counselors deal with post abortion issues regularly. The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, seems tilted towards terminating life. The life of the baby is not given much protection status.

The irony for the Irish government

Good Counsel Network Ireland believes that the Irish government really pushed for abortion in Ireland. The politician’s blinkered approach has received little thanks from anybody. Instead of receiving international acclaim, Ireland have been criticized, and by the UN. Good Counsel Network volunteers are not at all surprised. Abortion advocates will not be satisfied by any governmental measures to appease them. This is the irony for the Irish government. How thankless the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill was. No thanks of course from the pro life community. No thanks from the Pro Choice lobby. Most of all, no thanks from the UN Committee Against Torture.