Life Site News is doing a great job – Praise God

Google ads ban are rubbished by Life Site NewsOccassionally the Good Counsel Network team will be keen to plug something very positive on their blog posting page. This week we found an interesting article written by Life Site News. The article was a response to claims by Naral, an American Pro Choice group that Google are banning pro life crisis pregnancy adverts. According to a source on Life Site News, this is not the case. What actually happened, seems to be that Naral submitted a advert complaint against a pro life pregnancy centre and this particular advert was pulled. This does not mean that all pro life crisis pregnancy ads are now banned.

Life Site News reporting

Life Site news reported that pro life pregnancy centres in America have not been inconvenienced at all since the allegation about the Google pro life advert bans were announced. This is great news for Good Counsel Network Ireland who plan to run their own pro life crisis pregnancy adverts in the near future. This will help women in crisis pregnancy situations who do not want to go down the abortion route. This is great news for Ireland, and the world. Praise God for the Life Site news reporting.

Why google adwords are so effective

Search engines have revolutionised the way people interact with the world, and having an online presence definitely helps save babies. Google adwords afords Catholic pro life ministries to reach out to women in a most effective way. Any Catholic organization can get involved with online marketing. In the words of St. Pope John Paul II, “Be not afraid”. If you are not sure how to get your online marketing campaign up & running, simply call Google adwords on their contact number. Their adwords advisors are friendly and will explain everything to you & for free. The gratis offer may come to an end one day, so strike while the iron is hot.