Post abortion counseling on the rise?

post abortion counseling

Post abortion counseling services play a significant part in women’s lives who have gone ahead with a termination of pregnancy.

The Irish Family Planning Association have claimed a big increase in the number of women seeking post abortion counseling. In 2012, an upsurge of 82% of women in Ireland received counseling with IFPA after a pregnancy termination. This is quite a rise, but also quite an admission that women often regret their abortions. Yet these figures don’t paint the picture that impressions on the mind. According to the IFPA Annual Report (2012), “Multiple factors account for this upsurge in demand for post-abortion counseling, including an increased number of women attending with complex circumstances surrounding their unplanned pregnancies, requiring sustained support” (p. 8).

Post abortion counseling proves terminations were never an answer.

The IFPA have admitted that post abortion counseling can require sustained support. That seems to be suggesting, a long period of counseling. This is no surprise to Good Counsel Network Ireland, as abortion was never the answer when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Had these poor women received advice against terminations, they might never had to later seek post abortion counseling. Sadly, this reality is not sinking in with traumatized women who went through a terrible ordeal in a foreign country. Instead, they are sold, that abortion needs to be available in Ireland. The reality however is that Ireland needs more pro life crisis pregnant counselors.

Abortion advocates often capitalize women appeal for terminations

Good Counsel Network realize that women can be victims of the system. They have a termination, and some become advocates, unwittingly supporting the abortion industry. Danielle from south Dublin appeared on RTE’s Moment of Truth. Danielle’s story painted a picture. She was sexually involved, and the contraceptive method failed. Danielle then sought the morning after pill, that too failed. The next step was a flight to England for an abortion. That almost cost Danielle her life. The abortion was incomplete, and Danielle was hospitalized. The solution to this, is to provide for abortions in Ireland…

If abortion is dangerous in England, why would it be safe in Ireland?

Danielle has suffered a traumatic experience and admits that she has to carry her decision to go ahead with an abortion. Good Counsel volunteers empathizes with her pain, and wish she could have received a more loving advice before deciding to travel to England. If abortions are dangerous in England, why would it be safer in Ireland? Terminations entails real danger to women’s health. Danielle’s story ultimately testifies to this.

photo credit: Joe Houghton via photopin cc