Fine Gael’s blood money?

Would you volunteer to be on an abortion review panel if the blood money was high enough?

It is clearly obscene, but altogether predictable. The Fine Gael majority government are finding out the high cost of abortion “health care”. Private hospital consultants are to get up to €120 euros per hour for their involvement on the abortion suicidality review panel. Is this blood money? Sounds close to the truth if you ask a Good Counsel Network volunteer. To add to this hourly fee, there are travel cost reimbursements and more. Private consultants can work on the abortion review panel for under 3.5 hours per day, making for a potentially high end of week pay cheque. With this kind of blood money, we can expect a large influx of qualified medics into Ireland.

Who will foot this blood money bill?

Good Counsel believes it is highly doubtful that a distressed crisis pregnant teenager will be able to fork out €120 to a consultant. Not alone that, but there will be a panel of medics assessing for suicidality. We can expect up to 3 times the fee in exceptional circumstances. A crisis pregnant teenager will unlikely be in a position to fork out €360 towards combined consultant fees. Her mother might barely even earn this money in a week. So before an abortion even happens, will the Fine Gael majority government hand out blood money? All in the name of health care…

Can Ireland afford this blood money proposal?

It would seem very unlikely that Ireland would be in a financial position to dole out blood money to maintain abortion healthcare. The nation is now vulnerable to abortion tourism, as there are no gestation limits on the Irish pregnancy termination bill. Good Counsel Network volunteers know the cost to a woman’s well being from abortion is already too high. The cost to the state will be astronomical, all of which is unnecessary and a massive burden. Will this era be remembered as the legacy of Fine Gael’s blood money?

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Abortion review panel are under governmental pressure

abortion review panel

James Reilly is head of the Department of Health which is spear heading the clinical guidelines for abortion in relation to suicidal ideation

Good Counsel Network have learned that an Irish abortion review panel is under pressure to deliver on clinical guidelines. The government are very keen to get the ball rolling on pregnancy termination. A body of voluntary doctors and others have already met 5 times since the inception of the abortion review panel. The department of health is adamant that clinical guidelines will be signed off early this year. The government have not disclosed the names of these “voluntary members” as a matter of strict confidence. The review panel are already behind schedule, which is no surprise. After all, who’d want to draw guidelines for taking innocent life?

Disengagement with the abortion review panel

Because the government have failed to deliver clear clinical guidelines, the Irish College of Psychiatry have opted out for now. Their members have been advised not to get involved with review panels in relation to assessing suicidal ideation in pregnant women. They have taken an ethical stance that is inadvertently helping to keep Ireland abortion free against government pressure. Good Counsel volunteers will no doubt welcome this development. The College of Psychiatry have highlighted the inadequacy of the Protection of life during pregnancy bill. The Irish abortion review panel will not be able to ignore their concerns. The government are finding out the hard way, you cannot ignore everybody all the time.

Some concerns of the College of Psychiatry

The College of Psychiatry have related some genuine concerns that Good Counsel Network naturally empathizes with. The College does not necessarily share our pro life stance, but they do have some virtuous characteristics. A perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Anthony McCarthy feels that there is no real solutions for crisis pregnant women. This is evident in that an alternative such as adoption does not feature in the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. The abortion review panel’s guidelines can also be overlooked, as the bill can be implemented without recourse to guidelines. Women & babies deserve better than this, and its obviously not just Good Counsel volunteers who believes so.

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