The Abortion pill – every woman’s nightmare

failed abortion pill test?

Pregnancy test results can mark a crisis in a relationship.

Its a very sad abortion pill story, and it shows man’s deeply flawed nature in a fallen world. A breaking news story in Florida illustrates a nightmare scenario that one expectant pregnant women faced recently. Her boyfriend has now been sentenced for up to 14 years for slipping an abortion pill under the guise of medicine. It is a story of deception, infidelity, manipulation & dishonor. The deception of having duped the pregnant woman into taking false medication. The infidelity of having another girlfriend at the time. The manipulation of using medical credentials to procuring an abortion pill & tamper with drug labeling. The dishonor the man in question showed to his father at the family run fertility practice.

The abortion pill culture

Good Counsel Network does not condone what the imprisoned man to be has done. It was a premeditated act, and he has to pay for his actions. We sympathize with his former girlfriend and victim for the loss of her baby. The story shows how our contraception culture runs deep in our psyche. A man & a woman go dating, and become sexually active. The man is not prepared to rear children, and in his mind the abortion pill is the answer. It is generally the case that women are prepared to use an abortion pill until they feel ready to have a baby. Sometimes one sexually active partner would like to have children, while the other does not. Thus we have friction, and if the relationship is not open & honest, we have trouble.

Can the abortion pill be used for the good

Contemporary culture believes it has a good purpose, and that it is a woman’s right to choose to go ahead with pregnancy. But, this view is in light of the unitive sexual act, and not the pro-creative. Good Counsel Network volunteers believe that the abortion pill is bad, because it kills a baby. The man in Florida got off lightly in his prison sentence. He did not get life for killing an unborn baby, which is the law in Florida. The fertility doctor’s son was imprisoned 14 years on a plea of tampering with medicine labels, and forge-ring his father’s signature. But the baby is now dead, regardless of the sentence. This is what the abortion pill does, it kills, and no issues in ethics debate can get around that.

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