Abortion review panel are under governmental pressure

abortion review panel

James Reilly is head of the Department of Health which is spear heading the clinical guidelines for abortion in relation to suicidal ideation

Good Counsel Network have learned that an Irish abortion review panel is under pressure to deliver on clinical guidelines. The government are very keen to get the ball rolling on pregnancy termination. A body of voluntary doctors and others have already met 5 times since the inception of the abortion review panel. The department of health is adamant that clinical guidelines will be signed off early this year. The government have not disclosed the names of these “voluntary members” as a matter of strict confidence. The review panel are already behind schedule, which is no surprise. After all, who’d want to draw guidelines for taking innocent life?

Disengagement with the abortion review panel

Because the government have failed to deliver clear clinical guidelines, the Irish College of Psychiatry have opted out for now. Their members have been advised not to get involved with review panels in relation to assessing suicidal ideation in pregnant women. They have taken an ethical stance that is inadvertently helping to keep Ireland abortion free against government pressure. Good Counsel volunteers will no doubt welcome this development. The College of Psychiatry have highlighted the inadequacy of the Protection of life during pregnancy bill. The Irish abortion review panel will not be able to ignore their concerns. The government are finding out the hard way, you cannot ignore everybody all the time.

Some concerns of the College of Psychiatry

The College of Psychiatry have related some genuine concerns that Good Counsel Network naturally empathizes with. The College does not necessarily share our pro life stance, but they do have some virtuous characteristics. A perinatal psychiatrist, Dr Anthony McCarthy feels that there is no real solutions for crisis pregnant women. This is evident in that an alternative such as adoption does not feature in the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. The abortion review panel’s guidelines can also be overlooked, as the bill can be implemented without recourse to guidelines. Women & babies deserve better than this, and its obviously not just Good Counsel volunteers who believes so.

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Post abortion counseling on the rise?

post abortion counseling

Post abortion counseling services play a significant part in women’s lives who have gone ahead with a termination of pregnancy.

The Irish Family Planning Association have claimed a big increase in the number of women seeking post abortion counseling. In 2012, an upsurge of 82% of women in Ireland received counseling with IFPA after a pregnancy termination. This is quite a rise, but also quite an admission that women often regret their abortions. Yet these figures don’t paint the picture that impressions on the mind. According to the IFPA Annual Report (2012), “Multiple factors account for this upsurge in demand for post-abortion counseling, including an increased number of women attending with complex circumstances surrounding their unplanned pregnancies, requiring sustained support” (p. 8).

Post abortion counseling proves terminations were never an answer.

The IFPA have admitted that post abortion counseling can require sustained support. That seems to be suggesting, a long period of counseling. This is no surprise to Good Counsel Network Ireland, as abortion was never the answer when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Had these poor women received advice against terminations, they might never had to later seek post abortion counseling. Sadly, this reality is not sinking in with traumatized women who went through a terrible ordeal in a foreign country. Instead, they are sold, that abortion needs to be available in Ireland. The reality however is that Ireland needs more pro life crisis pregnant counselors.

Abortion advocates often capitalize women appeal for terminations

Good Counsel Network realize that women can be victims of the system. They have a termination, and some become advocates, unwittingly supporting the abortion industry. Danielle from south Dublin appeared on RTE’s Moment of Truth. Danielle’s story painted a picture. She was sexually involved, and the contraceptive method failed. Danielle then sought the morning after pill, that too failed. The next step was a flight to England for an abortion. That almost cost Danielle her life. The abortion was incomplete, and Danielle was hospitalized. The solution to this, is to provide for abortions in Ireland…

If abortion is dangerous in England, why would it be safe in Ireland?

Danielle has suffered a traumatic experience and admits that she has to carry her decision to go ahead with an abortion. Good Counsel volunteers empathizes with her pain, and wish she could have received a more loving advice before deciding to travel to England. If abortions are dangerous in England, why would it be safer in Ireland? Terminations entails real danger to women’s health. Danielle’s story ultimately testifies to this.

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Abortion statistics CDC show decline in the USA

US abortion statistics cdc

Abortion statistics CDC in the USA continue to show a decline. Good Counsel Network reports.

Abortion statistics CDC are painting a brighter picture in the USA. Terminations are in decline, and have been steadily for many years now. An abortion surveillance report in 2010 by the Center for Disease Control illustrates this very clearly. Abortion statistics CDC reports: “The abortion rate was the lowest recorded during the 1976-2009 period and has dropped almost continuously since 1980”. This is encouraging news for pro life volunteers and Good Counsel Network. Promising trends like these show pro lifers that their crisis pregnancy related work is paying dividends. Over two decades, in excess of 2/3rds of abortion centres in the US have closed.

Are these abortion statistics CDC trends likely to continue?

With pro life volunteers making such progress, Good Counsel Network believes a further reduction in abortion recourse is possible. Today’s pro life movement have become legislative savvy, making life difficult for the abortion industry in America. Fr. Frank Pavone’s strategy is catching on, with health & safety restrictions being imposed on abortion clinics. This creates a financial burden to termination centres. Conforming to regulations requires serious capital investment. Another separate strategy has now surfaced from another pro life camp. A regulation enforcement approach. Abortion clinics that do not conform to standards, can be brought to law by their clients. These key strategies will funnel into the abortion statistics CDC trends going forward. Another area worth legislating is provisions for adoption in crisis pregnancies.

The road ahead for prolife volunteers

This is a long war, and it does not stop with signs of success. Abortion advocates are not simply going to roll over that easy. Good Counsel Network believe that there is a counter strategy in the pipeline. Obama care is that counter strategy. Obama care may move abortion clinics into hospitals, so that termination centres conform to health & safety standards. Pro life Volunteers can discern the foe’s options, and prepare for a further counter movement. It is in knowing our enemies intentions, that we can outsmart them. In this way, the pro life movement can continue to influence positively the Abortion statistics CDC report.

Abortion & the UN Committee Against Torture

UN Committee Against Torture

The UN Committee Against Torture feel that the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is inadequate. They feel women should be given access to an abortion in Ireland

Good Counsel Network Ireland have reflected somewhat on the latest decry from the UN on abortion-less Ireland. The UN Committee Against Torture are requesting information from Ireland, about the short comings of the recent Irish abortion bill. What we are seeing now is the Committee Against Torture go head to head with the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. The UN Committee Against Torture are questioning whether adequate services for carrying out abortions exist in Ireland. The UN’s most prominent anti-torture “experts” believe the Irish Government must act to end the degrading treatment of women seeking an abortion in Ireland.

UN Committee Against Torture – Pro abortion? A touch ironic?

Just like the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, the UN Committee Against Torture seems filled with irony. Any Good Counsel Network Volunteer would suspect as much. Abortion is torture, both for the baby and the woman. A lot of women who go through with an abortion, often live with deep regrets. This carries over for years, as post abortion women go through life emotionally & mentally tortured. Crisis pregnancy counselors deal with post abortion issues regularly. The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill, seems tilted towards terminating life. The life of the baby is not given much protection status.

The irony for the Irish government

Good Counsel Network Ireland believes that the Irish government really pushed for abortion in Ireland. The politician’s blinkered approach has received little thanks from anybody. Instead of receiving international acclaim, Ireland have been criticized, and by the UN. Good Counsel Network volunteers are not at all surprised. Abortion advocates will not be satisfied by any governmental measures to appease them. This is the irony for the Irish government. How thankless the Protection of Life During Pregnancy bill was. No thanks of course from the pro life community. No thanks from the Pro Choice lobby. Most of all, no thanks from the UN Committee Against Torture.

Vladimir Putin a stop to abortion advertising in Russia

Abortion advertising ban in Russia is good news

Russia introduces abortion advertising ban thanks to some good counsel given by Vladimir Putin

This is welcome news in a world in need of good tidings. Good Counsel Network in Ireland have learned today of Vladimir Putin’s desire to reduce abortions in Russia. Here is a president that is showing great courage & leadership. Here is a man who is willing to show the world, that abortion is not the answer. The Russian president is very concerned about the population collapse in his country. He has signed into law, a ban on abortion advertising, as well as termination restrictions on health insurance cover. This bucks the political trend the world over. Its a world away from Obamacare policies.

Vladimir Putin is too good to be true

For all of us at Good Counsel Network, these developments in Russia are most welcome. We can scarcely believe a good politician has risen so high up the ranks. Putin would make an excellent Good Counsel Network Volunteer for Russia. He is a fine example to Ireland’s prime minister on how to implement policy. The abortion advertising ban puts Obama’s healthcare to shame. Vladimir’s support for women facing pregnancy is commendable. The abortion advertising ban will help prevent a population collapse from birth control methods like abortion. The worldly wise may see things differently, Putin to them is a flash in the pan. For men versed in prophecy, the president is a stumbling block. Putin is simply too good to be true.

Are you a Godly leader like Vladimir Putin?

Good Counsel Network are looking for more volunteers to lead our ministry in these times. Your willingness to support women in crisis pregnancy is a Godly act. You can help end the culture of death, and herald a culture of life in our world. Every little helps, and as a team, we can support women who might otherwise opt for an abortion. If everyone was doing what God willed them to do, the world would be on fire. Vladimir Putin is a testament to this, for today the hearts of Godly Russian’s must surely be on fire. Get yourself trained up as a crisis pregnancy counselor and set Ireland ablaze. Contact us for more details.

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Crisis pregnancy adoption vs abortion

crisis pregnancy adoption is an option in cases of unplanned conception

Life is precious. Even in the face of financial difficulty, crisis pregnancy adoption can be an option

Life is a precious gift, yet many people don’t realize it. In the culture of work hard play hard, there is little room for real quality of life. It has reached the point, that when pregnancy occurs, the work hard play hard system over rules child bearing. There is little room for more life in our secularized society. Crisis pregnancy adoption holds little currency. Abortion as the answer, quickly holds sway. The philosophy of modern society results in equality of life trumping quality of life. Contemporary living offers little in the way of giving women real support.

The culture of death compounded

Women facing crisis pregnancies find themselves surrounded with misplaced sincerity among modernist peers. A close confidant living in the “real world” suddenly knows best. Abortion is the answer, because life has enough struggles as it is. Motherhood can wait another day, besides work life puts bread on the table. Such placating advice can easily win over a crisis pregnant mother. They quickly arrive in a paralysis of thinking. For these pregnant women, abortion becomes the only show in town. They reflect eagerly with thoughts of starting over again afterwards. The reality of child rearing is outside there reach. The alternative option to choose life is beyond their dreams. Crisis pregnancy adoption rarely factors in their minds.

The culture of life spawned

Good Counsel Network believes it should be otherwise. That life is a precious gift and not a burden. The aftermath that comes with abortion is too painful. The advocacy for a quick termination of pregnancy, really is misplaced sincerity. Other forms of voluntary advice would prove more beneficial. There are better alternatives, even in the most difficult cases involving financial constraints. Crisis pregnancy adoption is rarely broached in contemporary society. Yet so many good parents would gladly adopt a child. So many married couples cannot realize their dream of rearing a family. So crisis pregnancy adoption is just one alternative for expectant women. It is also the last line of approach by Good Counsel Network. It is possible for crisis pregnant mothers to quickly realize their own dream of rearing children. This is where Good Counsel Network can really help. Contact us if you are interested in pregnancy counselling volunteering opportunities. Its a life affirming vocation.

Greg Clovis and Hugh Owen’s pro life visit to Good Counsel Network

Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center and Greg Clovis of Human Life International take a pro life visit to Good Counsel Network in Ireland

Hugh Owen and Greg Clovis on their pro life visit Good Counsel Network Ireland

Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center joined Greg Clovis of Family Life International for a visit to Good Counsel Network Ireland. The two men are devoted to the pro life cause, and are a testimony by their family examples. Both family men live the truth with their wives and children. Both men have been blessed by God with large families. Their Catholic pro life outlook enables them to receive all the gifts that God so dearly wants to impart to them. The Kolbe Center and Family Life International occasionally work together for the common good. Like the parts of the body of Christ working in tandem, increasing optimized bodily functionality.

Where does Greg Clovis fit into the pro life ministry equation?

Greg Clovis is the director of Human Life international UK, aka Family Life International. HLI is a world recognized Catholic pro life ministry founded by Fr Paul Marx. Mr Clovis arranges many pro life & pro family seminars in the UK. He is the father of 10 children, 4 of whom have entered religious life. For a Catholic Dad, Greg Clovis is obviously doing his maths right. He desires for all Catholics to know their faith well, which channels into a Catholic pro life ethos. This year Greg has arranged two successful conferences in London inviting international speakers such as Hugh Owen and Michael Voris. Mr. Clovis’s composite pro life approach allows for a wider audience catchment that offers something for everyone. Good Counsel Network UK attend these conferences looking to both learn from them and win over pro life volunteers.

Where does Hugh Owen fit in to the pro life ministry equation?

Hugh Owen has a very unique pro life story that runs like a potentially good Arcadia movie production. His father, Sir David Owen was the 1st ever general secretary to International Planned Parenthood. Sir David died suddenly in the 1st year of holding this position, which led his son Hugh towards the Catholic Church. Hugh Owen later noticed the link between evolutionists philosophy, and the pro-choice ideation. For this reason and more, Hugh set up a counter evolution ministry. The Kolbe Center is the counter evolution ministry that provides a platform for the spread of pro life virtues and a pro Catholic society. Contact Good Counsel Network for details on the Greg Clovis and Hugh Owen Irish visit.

Bedford Square Clinic in London, ends abortion services

Bedford Square Abortion Clinic comes to a close

Bedford Square abortion services come to an end following 13 years of effective & sustained pro-life effort

When we put our faith in God, things really happen. The closure of abortion services in Central London’s Bedford Square is a fine example. Crisis Pregnancy volunteers have stationed themselves outside this abortion mill for 13 years. The hope that Good Counsel Network UK had for its closure has come to fruition. It is a remarkable victory with Heaven’s help. The combination of crisis pregnancy counselling, prayer vigils and raising public awareness has paid off. The fruits of consistent voluntary efforts and effective spiritual strategy are plain to see. God has delivered pro lifers in London a great victory.

Effective strategy in Bedford Square via spiritual warfare

Crisis pregnancy volunteers are an effective antidote for women considering an abortion. Good Counsel Network in the UK have helped many pregnant mothers outside Bedford Square Abortion Clinic. The volunteers were a thorn in the side of the BPAS run termination centre. But what has been a constant source of support over the years has been the spiritual strategy employed at Bedford Square. Ireland pro-lifers can take a leaf from this case study. Cross party support pro-life groups helped to bring closure to the abortion services. This cross section of Catholic ministries and communities worked for 13 years in alternate stages to bring an end to abortion in Bedford Square. The backdrop of constant action was crisis pregnancy volunteers, counselling women in need of support.

The sequence of spiritual events at Bedford Square

Saturday vigils began in the late 1990’s. Public novena’s began in 2005. A twice yearly 40 day for life vigil began in 2011. Bedford Square was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that same year. Good Counsel Network UK began week day vigils in 2011. In 2012 a Bishop of West Minister arrived in Bedford Square as a show of public support for the Abortion closure demands. At the close of the 2013 forty day lenten vigil, BPAS announced the ending of abortion services in central London. Praise God for this wonderful victory, and may your desire to volunteer with Good Counsel become a reality.

Volunteer with Good Counsel Network

Good Counsel Volunteers help women face their crisis pregnancy to a happy end.

Volunteering at Good Counsel Network has its own rewards

Want a challenge? Want rewards that are literally out of this world? Yes? Then pro-life volunteering at Good Counsel Network Ireland could well be for you! The Good Counsel Network, aka The Women’s Counselling Network was set up in Dublin in 1995 with a handful of volunteers. As the success of the work became apparent over the years many more people were attracted to pro-life volunteering. Good Counsel Network became established in Ireland, the UK, Austria, Spain and Belgium.

Our mission is clear cut

Women facing crisis pregnancies can be under  tremendous pressure due to the attitudes of society, family circumstances, peer influence, financial difficulties and so on. By the time we meet them, most are suffering from abortion tunnel vision and are therefore not open to any other options. They may have family concerns giving rise to stress in relation to their pregnancy. There may be subtle pressures in work not to get pregnant for career reasons.This is what makes the work at Good Counsel Network so challenging. Together, we make make the difference, and help women in crisis pregnancies.

Are you considering volunteering?

It is great that you want to volunteer and build a broad Good Counsel Network support base. We’ve had many challenges over the years, and always managed them. Pregnant women need our support. Together we can evaluate their needs, give them material support, a friendly voice and hope for the future. We get great satisfaction when we know we have helped a mother bring her child into the world. The mother too has no regrets, as a gift of life becomes her reality.

How to volunteer to Good Counsel Network Ireland

If you feel called to help women facing a crisis pregnancy through pro-life volunteering, do contact us. We’d like to hear from you, and what you can bring to the table. We have other volunteers who can show you the ropes as you get trained up. We’d like to thank you in advance for having responded to the call.

Crisis pregnant counseling. Get trained up

crisis pregnant counselling training is available at Good Counsel

Experienced volunteers support and train new crisis pregnancy counselors at Good counsel Network

Thinking of volunteering as a crisis pregnant counselor? When considering volunteering at a crisis pregnancy centre, doubts can often surface. Are you able and suitable? Everybody has to struggle with these initial apprehensions. But nobody expects you to be an expert volunteer from day one. Nobody imagines you will be proficient by the end of a short spell either. Crisis pregnancy counselor training takes time with some work experience. For those of you considering this voluntary service, there is experienced support always at hand. A veteran crisis pregnancy counselor is always there to step in when you need assistance. The ultimate aim of Good Counsel Network is to help crisis pregnant women get support.

The importance of crisis pregnancy counsel volunteering

Women facing a crisis pregnancy need the right information, and need it fast. They may be mulling over their situation to the point that they are not able to think straight. Protection of the unborn maybe the last thing on their mind. Very often, a crisis pregnant woman is going it alone. Her boyfriend has let her down, abnegating his responsibilities as a father. The family may not know of her pregnancy, due to fear of rejection. The employer might not have time for employees who are expecting a child. This is where our volunteers can give them invaluable assistance regarding a way forward. Good Counsel Network have some helpful suggestions.

Helpful knowledge for crisis pregnant women

Giving helpful information depends on the situation. If a crisis pregnant woman is not employed, there are a number of financial supporting programmes available. There is: (1) Supplemental Welfare allowance; (2) A medical Card, (3) Rent allowance or Mortgage Interest supplement, (4) Domestic allowance for essential parental items. If a crisis pregnant woman is employed, she has recourse to: (a) Maternity Benefit; (b) Health and Safety benefits; (c) maternity leave entitlements; and (d) unpaid leave entitlements. Advising women facing a crisis pregnancy in this way gives them positive options. A voluntary counselor can put expectant mothers in touch with a local social welfare officer. They may also contact the Maternity Benefit Section of the Department of Social Protection. These are only some of the advice you as a volunteer can impart to women facing a crisis pregnancy. There are other voluntary counselling measures, which Good Counsel will discuss in another blog post.