Lucinda Creighton shows Ireland the way

lucinda creighton and enda kenny at a frosty morning reception

Two politicians… One is a leader, the other is a natural leader. Lucinda Creighton can have our vote!

Lucinda Creighton is a woman who is able to stand up to political bullies when it comes to governmental agendas. Lucinda has proved herself worthy of leadership status. Good Counsel Network volunteers will happily give her their future votes. What we like about Lucinda Creighton as a politician is her honesty. Its hard to believe, but Ms. Creighton confessed her involvement in a pro-choice lobby back in her days as a college student. This lobby group targeted a pro life student with Nazi slurs in poster portrayals displaying Hitler qualities. Averil Power was the student target and she is now a Fianna Fail senator.

A change of heart for Lucinda Creighton

The former Fine Gael td has expressed her reasons for being involved with a pro-choice lobby back in her college days. Lucinda Creighton believes that university students in general suffer from a herd mentality. Their youthful ideologies make them prone to joining polemical lobby groups. Their young minds are not yet mature enough to know better. Their unbridled emotive enthusiasm can often get the better of impressionable students. Fortunately for Lucinda Creighton, a maturer side has developed to the point of gaining real leadership qualities.

What lessons can Fine Gael TDs learn from Lucinda Creighton

Leo Varadkar is having a laugh

Do you think Leo Varadkar is of leadership quality?

Well Pascal Donohoe could reflect on his outward actions as a politician. Good Counsel Network believes that as well as reading aloud the Sunday gospel at mass on Berkeley road, Pascal might also reflect on the scriptural message. Maybe Pascal could next of all develop a bit of backbone, like Lucinda Creighton’s. Leo Varadkar could also learn from Lucinda Creighton in terms of doing the right thing. Hiding from pro life constituents and currying favour with pro choice doctors is hardly representing Dublin 15. Lucinda Creighton has made at least two Fine Gael tds look like mice. Good Counsel Network Ireland wishes Ms Creighton well in the next general election.

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Abortion statistics CDC show decline in the USA

US abortion statistics cdc

Abortion statistics CDC in the USA continue to show a decline. Good Counsel Network reports.

Abortion statistics CDC are painting a brighter picture in the USA. Terminations are in decline, and have been steadily for many years now. An abortion surveillance report in 2010 by the Center for Disease Control illustrates this very clearly. Abortion statistics CDC reports: “The abortion rate was the lowest recorded during the 1976-2009 period and has dropped almost continuously since 1980”. This is encouraging news for pro life volunteers and Good Counsel Network. Promising trends like these show pro lifers that their crisis pregnancy related work is paying dividends. Over two decades, in excess of 2/3rds of abortion centres in the US have closed.

Are these abortion statistics CDC trends likely to continue?

With pro life volunteers making such progress, Good Counsel Network believes a further reduction in abortion recourse is possible. Today’s pro life movement have become legislative savvy, making life difficult for the abortion industry in America. Fr. Frank Pavone’s strategy is catching on, with health & safety restrictions being imposed on abortion clinics. This creates a financial burden to termination centres. Conforming to regulations requires serious capital investment. Another separate strategy has now surfaced from another pro life camp. A regulation enforcement approach. Abortion clinics that do not conform to standards, can be brought to law by their clients. These key strategies will funnel into the abortion statistics CDC trends going forward. Another area worth legislating is provisions for adoption in crisis pregnancies.

The road ahead for prolife volunteers

This is a long war, and it does not stop with signs of success. Abortion advocates are not simply going to roll over that easy. Good Counsel Network believe that there is a counter strategy in the pipeline. Obama care is that counter strategy. Obama care may move abortion clinics into hospitals, so that termination centres conform to health & safety standards. Pro life Volunteers can discern the foe’s options, and prepare for a further counter movement. It is in knowing our enemies intentions, that we can outsmart them. In this way, the pro life movement can continue to influence positively the Abortion statistics CDC report.

Vladimir Putin a stop to abortion advertising in Russia

Abortion advertising ban in Russia is good news

Russia introduces abortion advertising ban thanks to some good counsel given by Vladimir Putin

This is welcome news in a world in need of good tidings. Good Counsel Network in Ireland have learned today of Vladimir Putin’s desire to reduce abortions in Russia. Here is a president that is showing great courage & leadership. Here is a man who is willing to show the world, that abortion is not the answer. The Russian president is very concerned about the population collapse in his country. He has signed into law, a ban on abortion advertising, as well as termination restrictions on health insurance cover. This bucks the political trend the world over. Its a world away from Obamacare policies.

Vladimir Putin is too good to be true

For all of us at Good Counsel Network, these developments in Russia are most welcome. We can scarcely believe a good politician has risen so high up the ranks. Putin would make an excellent Good Counsel Network Volunteer for Russia. He is a fine example to Ireland’s prime minister on how to implement policy. The abortion advertising ban puts Obama’s healthcare to shame. Vladimir’s support for women facing pregnancy is commendable. The abortion advertising ban will help prevent a population collapse from birth control methods┬álike abortion. The worldly wise may see things differently, Putin to them is a flash in the pan. For men versed in prophecy, the president is a stumbling block. Putin is simply too good to be true.

Are you a Godly leader like Vladimir Putin?

Good Counsel Network are looking for more volunteers to lead our ministry in these times. Your willingness to support women in crisis pregnancy is a Godly act. You can help end the culture of death, and herald a culture of life in our world. Every little helps, and as a team, we can support women who might otherwise opt for an abortion. If everyone was doing what God willed them to do, the world would be on fire. Vladimir Putin is a testament to this, for today the hearts of Godly Russian’s must surely be on fire. Get yourself trained up as a crisis pregnancy counselor and set Ireland ablaze. Contact us for more details.

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