Post abortion counseling on the rise?

post abortion counseling

Post abortion counseling services play a significant part in women’s lives who have gone ahead with a termination of pregnancy.

The Irish Family Planning Association have claimed a big increase in the number of women seeking post abortion counseling. In 2012, an upsurge of 82% of women in Ireland received counseling with IFPA after a pregnancy termination. This is quite a rise, but also quite an admission that women often regret their abortions. Yet these figures don’t paint the picture that impressions on the mind. According to the IFPA Annual Report (2012), “Multiple factors account for this upsurge in demand for post-abortion counseling, including an increased number of women attending with complex circumstances surrounding their unplanned pregnancies, requiring sustained support” (p. 8).

Post abortion counseling proves terminations were never an answer.

The IFPA have admitted that post abortion counseling can require sustained support. That seems to be suggesting, a long period of counseling. This is no surprise to Good Counsel Network Ireland, as abortion was never the answer when faced with a crisis pregnancy. Had these poor women received advice against terminations, they might never had to later seek post abortion counseling. Sadly, this reality is not sinking in with traumatized women who went through a terrible ordeal in a foreign country. Instead, they are sold, that abortion needs to be available in Ireland. The reality however is that Ireland needs more pro life crisis pregnant counselors.

Abortion advocates often capitalize women appeal for terminations

Good Counsel Network realize that women can be victims of the system. They have a termination, and some become advocates, unwittingly supporting the abortion industry. Danielle from south Dublin appeared on RTE’s Moment of Truth. Danielle’s story painted a picture. She was sexually involved, and the contraceptive method failed. Danielle then sought the morning after pill, that too failed. The next step was a flight to England for an abortion. That almost cost Danielle her life. The abortion was incomplete, and Danielle was hospitalized. The solution to this, is to provide for abortions in Ireland…

If abortion is dangerous in England, why would it be safe in Ireland?

Danielle has suffered a traumatic experience and admits that she has to carry her decision to go ahead with an abortion. Good Counsel volunteers empathizes with her pain, and wish she could have received a more loving advice before deciding to travel to England. If abortions are dangerous in England, why would it be safer in Ireland? Terminations entails real danger to women’s health. Danielle’s story ultimately testifies to this.

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Crisis pregnancy adoption vs abortion

crisis pregnancy adoption is an option in cases of unplanned conception

Life is precious. Even in the face of financial difficulty, crisis pregnancy adoption can be an option

Life is a precious gift, yet many people don’t realize it. In the culture of work hard play hard, there is little room for real quality of life. It has reached the point, that when pregnancy occurs, the work hard play hard system over rules child bearing. There is little room for more life in our secularized society. Crisis pregnancy adoption holds little currency. Abortion as the answer, quickly holds sway. The philosophy of modern society results in equality of life trumping quality of life. Contemporary living offers little in the way of giving women real support.

The culture of death compounded

Women facing crisis pregnancies find themselves surrounded with misplaced sincerity among modernist peers. A close confidant living in the “real world” suddenly knows best. Abortion is the answer, because life has enough struggles as it is. Motherhood can wait another day, besides work life puts bread on the table. Such placating advice can easily win over a crisis pregnant mother. They quickly arrive in a paralysis of thinking. For these pregnant women, abortion becomes the only show in town. They reflect eagerly with thoughts of starting over again afterwards. The reality of child rearing is outside there reach. The alternative option to choose life is beyond their dreams. Crisis pregnancy adoption rarely factors in their minds.

The culture of life spawned

Good Counsel Network believes it should be otherwise. That life is a precious gift and not a burden. The aftermath that comes with abortion is too painful. The advocacy for a quick termination of pregnancy, really is misplaced sincerity. Other forms of voluntary advice would prove more beneficial. There are better alternatives, even in the most difficult cases involving financial constraints. Crisis pregnancy adoption is rarely broached in contemporary society. Yet so many good parents would gladly adopt a child. So many married couples cannot realize their dream of rearing a family. So crisis pregnancy adoption is just one alternative for expectant women. It is also the last line of approach by Good Counsel Network. It is possible for crisis pregnant mothers to quickly realize their own dream of rearing children. This is where Good Counsel Network can really help. Contact us if you are interested in pregnancy counselling volunteering opportunities. Its a life affirming vocation.

Good Counsel Network Ireland are now online.

Crisis pregnancies can have a happy ending for both Mother & Child with Good Counsel Network

A Crisis Pregnancy does not have to end in abortion. Good Counsel Network are here to give you the natal support you need.

Good Counsel Network Ireland are now online. This is great news for unexpectedly pregnant women in Ireland. We are here to help women through their crisis pregnancy in a compassionate, non-judgemental and professional way. Women today are often sold the idea of having a free choice, yet so many make the same bad choice on the back of pressure from peers who do not have their best interests at heart. Many women choose abortion and find themselves having later regrets. They have to live the consequences and conceal this aspect of their life. Those who advocate abortion for these vulnerable women do not have to live with the choice of terminating their pregnancy. They do not have to live with future complications in reproductive health and they do not have to brood over what may have been.

Good Counsel Network supporting crisis pregnancy

Good Counsel Network Ireland are here to help women residing in Ireland to make an informed decision on their pregnancy. We believe that every woman has the right to have all the available facts at their disposal in relation to abortion. Good Counsel Network believes that the dignity of the mother and her developing child should be respected equally. We are here to support vulnerable women who are at a crisis in their lives. It is our desire that every woman comes through their crisis pregnancy with the best outcome for them and their unborn baby.

You can help women who are facing a crisis pregnancy today

Maybe you have experienced the prospects of abortion in your life, but had got the right support from friends. Perhaps you have been spared of the resultant consequence of going ahead with an abortion. You may feel inspired & empowered to help other vulnerable women come to terms with their crisis pregnancy. Why not consider becoming a prayerful community partner for Good Counsel Network Ireland. Your prayers for vulnerable women considering an abortion are much needed. You can also donate to this cause, helping pregnant woman in a crisis get the basic support they deserve. Alternative to these, you can like the Good Counsel Facebook page, follow on twitter, or circle us on Google+. This will help build our online presence, and have a beneficial effect in terms of making Good Counsel Network known to women who are facing a crisis pregnancy. Book mark our blog section for your weekly updates from Good Counsel. Chow for Now.