Abortion contraception statistics – News headline

abortion contraception statistics

At the Wilson Center in late October 2013 there was a conference on Facing the Challenge of adolescent pregnancy.

Today Good Counsel Network learned of a further drop in abortion statistics in the USA from RTE news. It would be tempting to become jubilant, especially when it is headlined by RTE. However, statistics often paint the picture that you want it to. So Good Counsel Network Ireland decided to go to the source of the newsworthy report and extract those facts that might not otherwise be made known. At the heart of the worldwide reporting on lower USA pregnancy termination rates is the Guttmacher abortion statistics. The report was just released on Saturday 1st February 2014. It makes for both encouraging, and discouraging pro-life news.

What are the encouraging abortion contraception statistics?

There does seem to be a strong indication that abortion procedures are in decline in the United states. According to the Guttmacher institute, from January 1st of this year, over 50% of US states have sanctioned enforceable health regulations on pregnancy termination centres. There is mandatory counseling with a focus on considering birth. Women now have to discern over longer periods, before going ahead with an abortion. There is also mandatory parental involvement in cases of juvenile pregnancies. The use of state Medicaid funds have been restricted to cases of rape or life threatening situations. With all these combined regulations, the abortion industry is finding it difficult to survive. Good Counsel Network volunteers will no doubt be encouraged by these developments. But this picture does not give a fair shade of the battle against abortion in the US.

What is the discouraging statistics

The abortion contraception statistics report seem to reveal a trend towards less abortion we agree. But this may be the result of highly developed contraceptive methods. The morning after pill is still abortion, but might not be considered as such in the Guttmacher report. While pregnancy termination statistics are reported as lower, the patient base seems fairly high. The abortion contraception statistics suggest that over 50% of American women will have an abortion. That is a significant number of women affected by what is a brutal health procedure. Good Counsel Network volunteers will have to continue the fight to reduce these figures. That said, the pro life voice is getting louder & louder.

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Abortion statistics CDC show decline in the USA

US abortion statistics cdc

Abortion statistics CDC in the USA continue to show a decline. Good Counsel Network reports.

Abortion statistics CDC are painting a brighter picture in the USA. Terminations are in decline, and have been steadily for many years now. An abortion surveillance report in 2010 by the Center for Disease Control illustrates this very clearly. Abortion statistics CDC reports: “The abortion rate was the lowest recorded during the 1976-2009 period and has dropped almost continuously since 1980”. This is encouraging news for pro life volunteers and Good Counsel Network. Promising trends like these show pro lifers that their crisis pregnancy related work is paying dividends. Over two decades, in excess of 2/3rds of abortion centres in the US have closed.

Are these abortion statistics CDC trends likely to continue?

With pro life volunteers making such progress, Good Counsel Network believes a further reduction in abortion recourse is possible. Today’s pro life movement have become legislative savvy, making life difficult for the abortion industry in America. Fr. Frank Pavone’s strategy is catching on, with health & safety restrictions being imposed on abortion clinics. This creates a financial burden to termination centres. Conforming to regulations requires serious capital investment. Another separate strategy has now surfaced from another pro life camp. A regulation enforcement approach. Abortion clinics that do not conform to standards, can be brought to law by their clients. These key strategies will funnel into the abortion statistics CDC trends going forward. Another area worth legislating is provisions for adoption in crisis pregnancies.

The road ahead for prolife volunteers

This is a long war, and it does not stop with signs of success. Abortion advocates are not simply going to roll over that easy. Good Counsel Network believe that there is a counter strategy in the pipeline. Obama care is that counter strategy. Obama care may move abortion clinics into hospitals, so that termination centres conform to health & safety standards. Pro life Volunteers can discern the foe’s options, and prepare for a further counter movement. It is in knowing our enemies intentions, that we can outsmart them. In this way, the pro life movement can continue to influence positively the Abortion statistics CDC report.