Abortion demands – The media are at it again?

abortion demands by Catholic dissenters

Claims of abortions demands by Catholics don’t give a balanced journalistic view on Vatican surveys

Today’s reporting about Catholics asserting their right to self determination on Church doctrines may make for some interesting debates. One newspaper reports, “we back abortion, female priests and birth control”. Reporting like this have gone around the world like Martin Luther nailing reform demands on church doors. We’ll leave the issue of female priests aside, as Pope John Paul II (post vatican II) sufficiently addressed that question. As for abortion demands & birth control, they are closely related. One does wonder who these newspaper journalists think they are kidding? Only last summer, over 60,000 Catholics marched in Dublin demanding the Irish government to keep their pro-life promises. Good Counsel volunteers witnessed this, which is contrary to reported abortion demands!

Church parish surveys

To be fair to journalists, they are only reporting on the results of a world wide Vatican survey. The Church in Rome fielded questions to parishes everywhere come late winter last year. This is in preparation of a synod to be held in late autumn of this year 2014. The synod will be discussing the family in light of the survey findings. But if jounalists can report on Vatican surveys, why can’t they be more balanced. Focusing solely on abortion demands & female priesthood is a bit narrow minded. Broadening journalism to include other views would give newspapers a bit more credibility.

What journalist need to consider

It is true that there is dissension within the Catholic church. There are priests within the Catholic fold who are opposed to Rome. These influential men believe that the church needs reform, and some row in with abortion demands. The parish flock suffer from these misguided pastors in the most subtle of ways. Church dissenters are probably far more savvy than the orthodox Catholic faithful. So Good Counsel Network Ireland believe that the Vatican surveys don’t truly reflect what today’s Catholics believe. These surveys merely point out that many Catholics have not been given sufficient Catechesis.

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