Who are Good Counsel Network Ireland

woman holding baby - Good counsel Network IrelandWe are a life-affirming women’s institution offering free pregnancy tests & advice with medical information, practical help along with the moral support needed for women in distress and seeking abortion. Good Counsel Network Ireland offer a safety net for women seeking abortion, and are without knowledge on the genuine risks to their own physical & psychological well being. Good counsel Network Ireland present realistic & practical alternatives to abortion. Good Counsel deal with the most difficult crisis pregnancy cases daily, and understand the overall problems facing pregnant women from a mediate & immediate perspective.

How are pregnant women convinced that giving birth is best?

Knowledge empowers, and Good Counsel Network Ireland offer Information, advice and support to help pregnant women realise that abortion is no quick fix solution in reality. But in truth, only our Heavenly King can change minds for the better, but a gentle word can be all it takes to get His power working. Good Counsel Network Ireland opens up the client to God’s plan for their life and the gift of their child to be and motherhood. Good Counsel help women of all faith backgrounds & none.

Good Counselling

Mother with twins - Good Counsel Network IrelandGood counsel Networking involves a tentative befriending of women, in order to educate them fully about the detrimental effects of abortion and the humanity of their growing baby. This is achieved via good quality text book style literature and DvDs. Good Counsel Networking further’s the befriending initiative by speaking about God’s joyful mother & child plan. Good counsel Network Ireland volunteers then provide women with much needed practical & moral support to help them keep their child. This includes accommodation & financial support, as well as todler apperal & dypers. Friendships are maintained for continued support, counsel & forward planning. Good Counsel Network Ireland volunteers offer their time & efforts to Jesus through Mary.

Abortion; is it really a Woman’s Choice?

The clarion call is almost deafening in contemporary culture. Women’s are repeatedly told that abortion is a right by the pro-choice lobby. The reality however is, many women have abortions on the basis that they feel they have no choice! To add to this problem, studies reveal that over 70% of women having abortions have claimed that their “choice” was initiated or foisted by some other party.

Abortion risks

Good Counsel Network Ireland are of the opinion that the “choice” of abortion not entirley freely made, unless women are given access to FREE info about what abortion really involves. If “choice” was just that, then the alternatives to abortion would also be promoted by the pro-choice lobby. Good Counsel Network Ireland have had to step in and provide compassionate support for women who deep down would like to choose life for their developing baby.
Decision to terminate pregnancy through abortion carries wanton risk to a Mother’s well being. From a psychological perspective, women may experience post-abortion syndrome (P.A.S.); a kind of post-traumatic stress disorder. Post Abortion Syndrome is heavily documented in America, and sadly overlooked in Britain. P.A.S. manifests itself via different means, with symptoms ranging from guilt, grieving and mourning. At a more pronounced level some women suffer despair & suicidal ideation. These symptoms derive from a desperate need to replace their aborted baby. A form of post abortive arrested maternal development can lead to Abuse of other siblings. Another more ingrained symtom of P.A.S. multiple repeat abortions. The “classic” symptoms of P.A.S. is periodical bouts of illness relating to the time of the child’s termination. This can include depression on the unborn’s expected birthday. At the Physical level, there are abundant risks to a woman’s future viability to be a mother in terms of her ability to bring her pregnancy to term. Miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and sterility are often post consequences of abortions. Damage to the cervix, infections and heavy bleeding are regular drawbacks from abortive procedures. Would a woman be quick to have an abortion if she has knowledge of this information?

For further details on the possible psychological outcomes following an abortion see BVA Foundation

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