Good Counsel Network spirituality – pray & fast

Prayer & fasting - Good counsel Network spiritualityJoin us in our Good Counsel Network spirituality of Prayer & Fasting to bring Abortion to an end. This mode of spirituality can also stave off the scourge of Euthanasia. It will deflect every attacks on the dignity & Sanctity of human life. Pray that abortion as an industry and all those affiliated with this sector see the wrong for what abortion really is. This is your opportunity to make a real difference in the pro-life battle through spiritual means.


Refrain from foods or life luxury treats and instead fast on bread and water for the day. If you are a novice faster, try ween yourself from TV first. As long as you make some sure sacrifice to yourself, your weening efforts will give pro-lifers success. If you progressively develop your Good Counsel Network spirituality in this way, you will become a mighty warrior for the battle.


Good Counsel Network spirituality involves praying a Rosary regularly. Attending daily Mass as a sacrifice to normal daily routines will be a blessing to the pro-life movement & yourself. Adoration too is powerful & benefical for body, mind & soul. This is true even if it is before a closed tabernacle.

For more information of Good Counsel Network Spirituality, contact us & we will send you quality guidance material.

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