Are you looking for a ministry to help?

Good Counsel ministry PriestsWe are only too happy to have a priest give our Good Counsel ministry some spiritual guidance & prayers. We believe that heavenly help is most powerful. We are very open to the sacraments of the Catholic Church and very willing to have a priest become involved with our network through Our Blessed Virgin & Mother Mary

How you as a priest can help

Do you have a parishoner who is Pregnant and Worried? or someone who is actively considering or planning to abort? Please call your local good counsel ministry while they are with you if possible, or give them our phone number.

Need advice for someone who has had an abortion and who is suffering?

Print off a Parish Poster offering help to women in a crisis pregnancy.

Want more information about life issues? browse our Good counsel ministry website.

Do contact us by email or call us by phone 0876505670 if you would like to get involved with our Good Counsel ministry, or to request some pro-life pregnancy support material.

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