Contraceptive failure

contraceptive failure

A glamorizing of contraception in India

Contraception such as the pill may seem like the logical step in preventing unplanned pregancy. But there are side effects that are never really brought to light. Contraception leaves women who use them at a disadvantage, and ultimately to society as a whole. Also overlooked is the problems of contraceptive failure. Good Counsel Network can explain…

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Many a good intentioned person may find good reason to promote the use of contraceptives. However one’s good intentions does not garauntee a good outcome. Many people down the corridors of history have reaped poor fruits from their good intentions, primarily due to lack of wisdom & knowledge. Contraceptions may seem like the obvious answer to avoiding crisis pregancies, but statistics show, that a contraceptives culture have infact witnessed the fruits of an increase of crisis pregnancies. This is often the result of contraceptive failure.

condom use in India may lead to contraceptive failureBlessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta has something to say about the use of condoms to protect against AIDS. she does not shy from discussing what she believes even in the case of two homosexuals? Mother Theresa has made an informed & considered judgement in relation to a married couple where one spouse has AIDS, and cases of a heterosexual partners not yet married.

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N.B.* The Gates Foundation are promoters of contraception

Mother Teresa does not simply give her reflections off the cuff on condom use & contraceptive failure. Mother Theresa took the counsel of a wise Priest who has given a considered letter on the subject at Mother Teresa’s request, Fr Lawrence Abello S.J., was at St Xavier’s College in Calcutta at the time of Blessed Mother Theresa’s request. His powerful letter was signed with a short message by Mother Teresa. Fr Lawrence Abello’s considerations are not brief, but are quite clear and worthy of a read for anyone discerning this area of moral ethics & contraceptive failure. The letter contents are available on Good Counsel UK

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