Sudden New Demand for our services

Due to very successful Internet advertising campaign, The Women’s Counselling Network has been receiving many more requests for help from abortion seeking young mothers. This has meant we are hugely stretched in our centres around the country but especially in Dublin.

We need volunteers to train for various jobs in our Dublin centre URGENTLY!

We also need volunteers in Kerry as at the moment we have none in that county. Training will be provided by our Limerick counsellor.

The work is d9ne in dependence on  Mary, our mother.

Contact us to find out  how you could help, no strings attached. Text 087 6505 670 or phone 087 758 6350.

Thank you!


Our Lady of Good Counsel Helps Women in Crisis Pregnancies

Woman reading book and holding baby in living roomOur Lady of Good Counsel has been a great source of help for countless women face crisis pregnancy. With her heavenly help, many women have been spared the trauma of going through with an abortion. Good Counsel Network are delighted to report numerous interventions where women have considered an abortion. We’d like to thank our prayerful supporters, who have requested Our Lady’s intercession. We are equally thankful for the financial support given to our ministry over the years. May God Bless you for your willingness to give help. Please encourage others to support via prayers, finance, or simply liking our Facebook page, or our other social media accounts. Thanks Again, from Good Counsel Network Ireland.

The recent Mini-Marathon success!

033Flora Women’s Mini Marathon is the largest women event in the world and the largest charity event in Ireland.  On 2nd of June 2014, Monday Bank Holiday,  Agatha, Elaine and Alicja took part in fundraising initiative for Good Counsel Network.

We would like to thank all our Supporters for the continued donations which enables us to promote healthy life choices for women facing crisis pregnancy. We have numerous calls from women as a result of our recent Internet advertisisng initiatives. This development is prooving crucial to the effectiveness of our mission.

Please consider, if you haven’t done so already, donating to Good Counsel Network. Your support can and does help save lives of babies and protects women’s health.

Faithfully yours,

Good Councel Network Ireland

Life Site News is doing a great job – Praise God

Google ads ban are rubbished by Life Site NewsOccassionally the Good Counsel Network team will be keen to plug something very positive on their blog posting page. This week we found an interesting article written by Life Site News. The article was a response to claims by Naral, an American Pro Choice group that Google are banning pro life crisis pregnancy adverts. According to a source on Life Site News, this is not the case. What actually happened, seems to be that Naral submitted a advert complaint against a pro life pregnancy centre and this particular advert was pulled. This does not mean that all pro life crisis pregnancy ads are now banned.

Life Site News reporting

Life Site news reported that pro life pregnancy centres in America have not been inconvenienced at all since the allegation about the Google pro life advert bans were announced. This is great news for Good Counsel Network Ireland who plan to run their own pro life crisis pregnancy adverts in the near future. This will help women in crisis pregnancy situations who do not want to go down the abortion route. This is great news for Ireland, and the world. Praise God for the Life Site news reporting.

Why google adwords are so effective

Search engines have revolutionised the way people interact with the world, and having an online presence definitely helps save babies. Google adwords afords Catholic pro life ministries to reach out to women in a most effective way. Any Catholic organization can get involved with online marketing. In the words of St. Pope John Paul II, “Be not afraid”. If you are not sure how to get your online marketing campaign up & running, simply call Google adwords on their contact number. Their adwords advisors are friendly and will explain everything to you & for free. The gratis offer may come to an end one day, so strike while the iron is hot.

Abortion demands – The media are at it again?

abortion demands by Catholic dissenters

Claims of abortions demands by Catholics don’t give a balanced journalistic view on Vatican surveys

Today’s reporting about Catholics asserting their right to self determination on Church doctrines may make for some interesting debates. One newspaper reports, “we back abortion, female priests and birth control”. Reporting like this have gone around the world like Martin Luther nailing reform demands on church doors. We’ll leave the issue of female priests aside, as Pope John Paul II (post vatican II) sufficiently addressed that question. As for abortion demands & birth control, they are closely related. One does wonder who these newspaper journalists think they are kidding? Only last summer, over 60,000 Catholics marched in Dublin demanding the Irish government to keep their pro-life promises. Good Counsel volunteers witnessed this, which is contrary to reported abortion demands!

Church parish surveys

To be fair to journalists, they are only reporting on the results of a world wide Vatican survey. The Church in Rome fielded questions to parishes everywhere come late winter last year. This is in preparation of a synod to be held in late autumn of this year 2014. The synod will be discussing the family in light of the survey findings. But if jounalists can report on Vatican surveys, why can’t they be more balanced. Focusing solely on abortion demands & female priesthood is a bit narrow minded. Broadening journalism to include other views would give newspapers a bit more credibility.

What journalist need to consider

It is true that there is dissension within the Catholic church. There are priests within the Catholic fold who are opposed to Rome. These influential men believe that the church needs reform, and some row in with abortion demands. The parish flock suffer from these misguided pastors in the most subtle of ways. Church dissenters are probably far more savvy than the orthodox Catholic faithful. So Good Counsel Network Ireland believe that the Vatican surveys don’t truly reflect what today’s Catholics believe. These surveys merely point out that many Catholics have not been given sufficient Catechesis.

photo credit: JeffyBruno via photopin cc

Abortion contraception statistics – News headline

abortion contraception statistics

At the Wilson Center in late October 2013 there was a conference on Facing the Challenge of adolescent pregnancy.

Today Good Counsel Network learned of a further drop in abortion statistics in the USA from RTE news. It would be tempting to become jubilant, especially when it is headlined by RTE. However, statistics often paint the picture that you want it to. So Good Counsel Network Ireland decided to go to the source of the newsworthy report and extract those facts that might not otherwise be made known. At the heart of the worldwide reporting on lower USA pregnancy termination rates is the Guttmacher abortion statistics. The report was just released on Saturday 1st February 2014. It makes for both encouraging, and discouraging pro-life news.

What are the encouraging abortion contraception statistics?

There does seem to be a strong indication that abortion procedures are in decline in the United states. According to the Guttmacher institute, from January 1st of this year, over 50% of US states have sanctioned enforceable health regulations on pregnancy termination centres. There is mandatory counseling with a focus on considering birth. Women now have to discern over longer periods, before going ahead with an abortion. There is also mandatory parental involvement in cases of juvenile pregnancies. The use of state Medicaid funds have been restricted to cases of rape or life threatening situations. With all these combined regulations, the abortion industry is finding it difficult to survive. Good Counsel Network volunteers will no doubt be encouraged by these developments. But this picture does not give a fair shade of the battle against abortion in the US.

What is the discouraging statistics

The abortion contraception statistics report seem to reveal a trend towards less abortion we agree. But this may be the result of highly developed contraceptive methods. The morning after pill is still abortion, but might not be considered as such in the Guttmacher report. While pregnancy termination statistics are reported as lower, the patient base seems fairly high. The abortion contraception statistics suggest that over 50% of American women will have an abortion. That is a significant number of women affected by what is a brutal health procedure. Good Counsel Network volunteers will have to continue the fight to reduce these figures. That said, the pro life voice is getting louder & louder.

photo credit: Wilson Center – ECSP via photopin cc

The Abortion pill – every woman’s nightmare

failed abortion pill test?

Pregnancy test results can mark a crisis in a relationship.

Its a very sad abortion pill story, and it shows man’s deeply flawed nature in a fallen world. A breaking news story in Florida illustrates a nightmare scenario that one expectant pregnant women faced recently. Her boyfriend has now been sentenced for up to 14 years for slipping an abortion pill under the guise of medicine. It is a story of deception, infidelity, manipulation & dishonor. The deception of having duped the pregnant woman into taking false medication. The infidelity of having another girlfriend at the time. The manipulation of using medical credentials to procuring an abortion pill & tamper with drug labeling. The dishonor the man in question showed to his father at the family run fertility practice.

The abortion pill culture

Good Counsel Network does not condone what the imprisoned man to be has done. It was a premeditated act, and he has to pay for his actions. We sympathize with his former girlfriend and victim for the loss of her baby. The story shows how our contraception culture runs deep in our psyche. A man & a woman go dating, and become sexually active. The man is not prepared to rear children, and in his mind the abortion pill is the answer. It is generally the case that women are prepared to use an abortion pill until they feel ready to have a baby. Sometimes one sexually active partner would like to have children, while the other does not. Thus we have friction, and if the relationship is not open & honest, we have trouble.

Can the abortion pill be used for the good

Contemporary culture believes it has a good purpose, and that it is a woman’s right to choose to go ahead with pregnancy. But, this view is in light of the unitive sexual act, and not the pro-creative. Good Counsel Network volunteers believe that the abortion pill is bad, because it kills a baby. The man in Florida got off lightly in his prison sentence. He did not get life for killing an unborn baby, which is the law in Florida. The fertility doctor’s son was imprisoned 14 years on a plea of tampering with medicine labels, and forge-ring his father’s signature. But the baby is now dead, regardless of the sentence. This is what the abortion pill does, it kills, and no issues in ethics debate can get around that.

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Lucinda Creighton shows Ireland the way

lucinda creighton and enda kenny at a frosty morning reception

Two politicians… One is a leader, the other is a natural leader. Lucinda Creighton can have our vote!

Lucinda Creighton is a woman who is able to stand up to political bullies when it comes to governmental agendas. Lucinda has proved herself worthy of leadership status. Good Counsel Network volunteers will happily give her their future votes. What we like about Lucinda Creighton as a politician is her honesty. Its hard to believe, but Ms. Creighton confessed her involvement in a pro-choice lobby back in her days as a college student. This lobby group targeted a pro life student with Nazi slurs in poster portrayals displaying Hitler qualities. Averil Power was the student target and she is now a Fianna Fail senator.

A change of heart for Lucinda Creighton

The former Fine Gael td has expressed her reasons for being involved with a pro-choice lobby back in her college days. Lucinda Creighton believes that university students in general suffer from a herd mentality. Their youthful ideologies make them prone to joining polemical lobby groups. Their young minds are not yet mature enough to know better. Their unbridled emotive enthusiasm can often get the better of impressionable students. Fortunately for Lucinda Creighton, a maturer side has developed to the point of gaining real leadership qualities.

What lessons can Fine Gael TDs learn from Lucinda Creighton

Leo Varadkar is having a laugh

Do you think Leo Varadkar is of leadership quality?

Well Pascal Donohoe could reflect on his outward actions as a politician. Good Counsel Network believes that as well as reading aloud the Sunday gospel at mass on Berkeley road, Pascal might also reflect on the scriptural message. Maybe Pascal could next of all develop a bit of backbone, like Lucinda Creighton’s. Leo Varadkar could also learn from Lucinda Creighton in terms of doing the right thing. Hiding from pro life constituents and currying favour with pro choice doctors is hardly representing Dublin 15. Lucinda Creighton has made at least two Fine Gael tds look like mice. Good Counsel Network Ireland wishes Ms Creighton well in the next general election.

photo credit: European People’s Party – EPP via photopin cc

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Fine Gael’s blood money?

Would you volunteer to be on an abortion review panel if the blood money was high enough?

It is clearly obscene, but altogether predictable. The Fine Gael majority government are finding out the high cost of abortion “health care”. Private hospital consultants are to get up to €120 euros per hour for their involvement on the abortion suicidality review panel. Is this blood money? Sounds close to the truth if you ask a Good Counsel Network volunteer. To add to this hourly fee, there are travel cost reimbursements and more. Private consultants can work on the abortion review panel for under 3.5 hours per day, making for a potentially high end of week pay cheque. With this kind of blood money, we can expect a large influx of qualified medics into Ireland.

Who will foot this blood money bill?

Good Counsel believes it is highly doubtful that a distressed crisis pregnant teenager will be able to fork out €120 to a consultant. Not alone that, but there will be a panel of medics assessing for suicidality. We can expect up to 3 times the fee in exceptional circumstances. A crisis pregnant teenager will unlikely be in a position to fork out €360 towards combined consultant fees. Her mother might barely even earn this money in a week. So before an abortion even happens, will the Fine Gael majority government hand out blood money? All in the name of health care…

Can Ireland afford this blood money proposal?

It would seem very unlikely that Ireland would be in a financial position to dole out blood money to maintain abortion healthcare. The nation is now vulnerable to abortion tourism, as there are no gestation limits on the Irish pregnancy termination bill. Good Counsel Network volunteers know the cost to a woman’s well being from abortion is already too high. The cost to the state will be astronomical, all of which is unnecessary and a massive burden. Will this era be remembered as the legacy of Fine Gael’s blood money?

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