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Facing possible pregnancy? Not sure what to do?

Smiling woman holding baby at Good Counsel NetworkHere are some important pregnancy check lists…
Could it really be pregnancy?


Many pregnancies come to a natural end via early miscarriage. If you are considering abortion, it is not advisable to follow through, especially as you might not be truly pregnant. It has been reported that some women who have followed through with an abortion procedure, have resultantly died following complications. One young girl died from such a procedure, and the autopsy report later found that she was not even pregnant! Good Counsel Network offer free & accurate pregnancy tests.

How far gone is my pregnancy?

First trimester (week 1-week 12)
At four weeks:

A baby’s brain & spinal cord begin to form, a heart begins to develop. Arm & leg begin to bud. The baby is at the embryonic stage and is around 1mm in lenghth.

At eight weeks:

All the main organs & external anatomy begin to develop. Baby’s heart develops regular beating rhythm. The arms and legs spout, fingers and toes bud. Gender organs begin to develop. Eyes move out to the face, eyelids develop. Umbilical cord is easy to identify. After eight weeks, your baby has achieved fetus status, looking quite human. The baby is almost 25mm long, weighing under 0.125 ounces. It is facts like these that get Good Counsel Network volunteers motivated.

At 10 weeks:

The baby departs the embryonic stage and is now a fully fledged fetus member by week 10. The fingers and toes are becoming noticeable, bones are strengthening and the baby can produce urine.

Second trimester (week 13-week 28)

Known as the honeymoon period, the associated pregnancy nausea subsides, emotions level out, and intimate desires return. The baby’s body movements can now be felt (known as the quickening), adding to a sense of becoming & expectation. It is common too, that mothers to be, will begin to have dreams about her child to be. Pregnant women now experience breathlessness as the baby growth pushes into their lungs. In this period, Good Counsel Network advises greater rest periods for the expectant mother.

Third trimester (week 29-week 40)

A pregnant woman now has a uterus carrying a viable baby, a placenta as well as nearly a litre of amniotic fluid. This is quite a change for the adult body to adjust too. Changes incurs a mixture of excitement, as well as spells of discomfort. There will be shortness of breath, irregular spells of sleep, some urinary discharge, and the pregnant mother will also experience skin changes.

Could you be a carrier of a sexually transmitted infection?

Before you decide on going down the abortion route, it is necessary to discern if you have a sexually transmitted disease. This is because an untreated STI can spread during an abortion procedure. Such infections can be detrimental to your current state of well being, including reproductive health. Contact Good Counsel Network for a carefully considered prognosis. We have a better alternative for you, with your present health & long term well being in mind.

Services Good Counsel Network offers:

  • Support on every aspects of unplanned pregnancies for women who are in distress
  • Alternative routes for mothers to be regarding their developing child
  • Pregnancy tests (gratis)
  • info on abortion and their worrying side effects
  • An Ultra sound scanning service
  • Comprehensive post abortion counselling

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